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Questions & Answers on working in the Middle East.

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Why should you use us?

Western educated health care professionals are in high demand to fill postions in the Middle East. Places such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are all popular destinations with nurses and healthcare professionals working in the Middle East.

We will support you to write the perfect CV and advise you on which hospitals you should go for according to your level of experience in order to get the best opportunity for you

Our client hospitals in the Middle East are carefully chosen so as to ensure that candidates receive the best possible opportunities for career development, further professional development and the offer of an opportunity to experience working in different countries and cultures.

To ensure your needs are met we:

  • Work with you on your CV and interview technique
  • Organise an interview with hospital personnel
  • Negotiate the best contract for you - including salary and benefits
  • Assist with Registration
  • Arrange accommodation
  • Assist with travel arrangements and ensure that you are greeted at the airport
  • We appoint a consultant to deal with you on an individual basis from the time you contact us.

How do I write a CV for the Middle East?

The quality of your CV may mean the difference between getting the job you really want and being ignored in the pile of other applicants. Kate Cowhig International Healthcare Recruitment provides an excellent CV service absolutely free. We provide the advice you need to make your CV stand out and meet our client’s requirements. You can download a copy of our CV Guidelines to get you started from here.

I have my submitted CV. What happens next?

Once your CV is correctly presented we will assess your suitability for particular roles in the Middle East. You will need an in depth discussion with us on the telephone as part of this process or come into to see us. If we feel that you are suitable for a particular position we would then recommend you to our clients and if they agree we would then arrange an interview. Ideally, this will be a face to face interview as our experience tells us that face to face interviews are usually much more successful than using any other medium. However, occasionally we do use Skype or telephone interviews. If you have never used Skype before please register for this service and practice with it and remember that a Skype interview is just like a real interview. You may wish to read our interview tips.

I have had my interview. What happens next?

Our clients often conduct more than one interview so in some cases you may be asked to have a second interview and sometimes even a third. If not, we would hope to be able to provide you with an indication of whether they would like to offer you a job fairly quickly. This is a verbal offer and doesn’t constitute a contract. You then have to wait for your written offer. This can take up to 12 weeks. We know that this is frustrating and we always do our best to chase things up behind the scenes. As soon as we have your offer or indeed any other news for you we will always let you have it immediately. If we haven’t been in contact with you it simply means we have nothing to tell you! The entire recruitment process can take between 4-6 months.

What documents do I need for vacancies in the Middle East?

  • A detailed up to date Curriculum Vitae
  • Original copy of all Certificates and Current Registration (if applicable)
  • Copy of Passport Page that shows your passport number and date of issue / expiry
  • Various applications forms and skills check lists, depending on the employer

Click here to apply for any Middle East vacancies or with CV Register.

We will ask you to send us your documents when we need them and provide you with the forms you need to complete.

We will ask you to send us your documents when we need them and provide you with the forms you need to complete.

What happens after I sign my offer letter?

One you receive your offer you have 7 -14 days to sign it, scan it and return it to us. You then have to wait for your Visa before handing in your notice to your current employer (if applicable). Your visa can take another 8 weeks to arrive. Unfortunately, we have no influence over the authorities and can’t speed up the process for you. Please do not hand in your notice until you receive your Visa. During this time we will also need you to have various medical checks, depending on the employer and country you are going to. You will also need to obtain a number of passport photographs, again this depends on the particular employer.

What type of accommodation will be provided?

Accommodation varies depending on the hospital you will be appointed to and also varies on your grade, type of contract and position. However, the accommodation is always free.

How will my salary be paid to me?

All salaries are paid in the local currency and the money transferred into a local bank account. The hospital will help you set this up. You should be aware that just like in Europe hospitals in the Middle East have payroll cut off dates. This means that if you start work with them after the payroll cut of date for that particular month you won’t be paid until the end of the following month.

When do my flight tickets arrive?

Your flight tickets will typically arrive a few days before you travel and are always e-tickets. The tickets are sent to us at KCR and we forward them to you.

Do I need to speak Arabic?

No, the language of health care in Saudi Arabia and Qatar is English. You are not required to speak Arabic as there are interpreters present for conversations with patients. Most of the staff will speak English. However learning some basic Arabic will really enhance your experience and approach to patients. Arabic classes are offered free by most hospitals.



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