Gone are the days when nursing was the domain of women, restricted to caring for the sick, poor and homeless.Instead today is it a distinct and vital element of the healthcare system offering a diverse array of disciplines and specialties the prospective nurse can progress into. It is a true career offering growth, knowledge and personal development throughout every stage of the nursing progression.

But that’s not all, in the world of modern nursing; this career choice now also offers the opportunity to travel!

At Kate Cowhig we regularly recruit for nurses across a diverse range of disciplines to join hospitals and healthcare organizations at the following locations – plus many more!

Today nurses are internationally sort after professionals.

In fact according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), “nurses are the largest category of health workers. Nursing personnel make up over 50% of the health workforce in every country of the world”, and that means you have the choice to work either at home or travel abroad.
For many nurses, working abroad can offer better salaries, benefits and perks than the same role can offer them at home. For others, the lure of working at internationally renowned hospital is the main motivation for travel and working abroad, either way pursuing a career in nursing can open many different doors.
At Kate Cowhig, we recruit for a number of different hospitals and health organisations across the globe, we regularly have vacancies in the UK, Ireland and countries in the Middle East including Qatar and Saudi Arabia. On top of this we regularly host interviews across many different locations including Spain, Italy and Portugal to name just a few.
Beginning your nursing career in a new country and travelling the world isn’t as daunting as it seems and you certainly don’t have to do it alone. We specialise is preparing nurses from across the world to relocate and start their new nursing roles. We can help you not only with interview and CV preparation for the job application itself, but also with setting up banking, housing and other relevant tasks ready for your move.
Many of our roles come with the first month of accommodation free to make the transition into your new country of residence as easy as possible.
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