When you relocate to a new country, be it Qatar, The UK, Ireland or anywhere else for that matter, one of many doctors and nurses’ concerns, is how to get connected to the internet. Thankfully, in today’s digital age this could not be easier and in fact, there are several options available.

First and foremost, at work at least, you are likely to have access to the internet via your employer’s broadband connection though there is likely to be an internet usage policy in place that you should adhere to. As well as the internet, many hospitals also have an internal intranet for managing staff communications.
For internet access when you are on the go there are two main ways to get connected: you can either use a Wi-Fi hotspot or get mobile broadband. Wi-Fi hotspots are widespread throughout the UK and Ireland with most cafes, bars, restaurants and even trains and public spaces now offering internet, sometimes even for free. Qatar also boasts many Wi-Fi hotspots and since 2007 has been recognised as the second most connected country in the Arab region.
Hotspots can be a great solution for using the internet, without you needing to make permanent changes to your mobile contract and data allowances. For short trips and visits this can often be the preferred solution for many nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals who are traveling abroad. The main benefit of using hotspots is that they do not eat into your mobile or broadband data allowance.

When it comes to using an establishments’ hotspot, you may need to either sign up or get the password to connect from a member of staff.

However, if you are relocating on a more permanent basis then it may well be easier to use your network providers 3G or 4G signals to get connected. To do this you will need either to invest in a dongle or a sim. The former is a wireless adapter that can enable internet access from a laptop or computer and the latter will allow you to get connected from your mobile or tablet devices. Connecting to the internet this way will use your available data allowance so you should always keep an eye on your data usage and if needs be, consider setting up a mobile broadband contract.
The big mobile providers in the UK and Ireland are EE, Three, O2 and many more besides and 3G and 4G coverage is extensive. In Qatar the main providers are Vodafone and Ooredoo and 4G is being/ has been launched this year. For more information on internet connectivity try some of the links below…



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