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Healthcare Jobs in United Arab Emirates

How the application process of working in the Middle East works.

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Application Process

Many health care professionals go to the Middle East with the aim of making money but there’s much more to living and working in the Middle East. You also have the opportunity to work in well-resourced clinical settings that enable you to provide excellent care and where your specialist skills will really be valued. You’ll also have a chance to work with colleagues from all over the world and to build your experience and CV. Those in more senior positions have the most amazing opportunities to use their experience to develop world-class services and to mentor, lead and teach.

The timescales from application to appointment to taking up your post can vary very widely indeed depending on the employer, country and role. The minimum being about 3-4 months and the maximum being about 9 months.

Week One
Provision of recruitment application pack
Obtain references

Week Two
Receipt of completed application forms

Week Three
Submission of application to the client

Week Four
Interview with the client

Week Five

Week Six
Acceptance and commencement of visa application
Visa issued

Week Ten
Visa issued
Notice to current employer

Weeks 11-20



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